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Under Armour Curry 1 Championship Pack

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We all know how bad the band wagon got last year for the championship team, the Golden State Warriors. It seems as if every NBA fan dropped their team and went to join the band wagon. As for the Warriors, you know they weren't mad about this because the money kept flowing from sold merchandise and tickets.

If you're a sneakerhead, you know that a player from the reining championship team usually releases a championship pack sneaker. Stephen Curry was the one to do that this year. It took him a while and they kept playing with the release dates but now it is final. The Under Armour Curry 1 Championship Pack will release on October 20th.

The retail price will be $400 for the 2 pair. In my opinion I think that the price is pretty steep just for two pair of hooping shoes. Because face it, you cannot rock these casually. Overall they are nice shoes so i'll definitely pick up the pack if anybody wants to sell for under retail. Make sure to check here often or follow our twitter @PatAndAnnie to keep yourself up to date with the new releases coming throughout the year.