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Uncle Drew is Back!!!!!

Christopher TowlesComment

I only thought it was appropriate to follow up the last article I had about the Kyrie Irving 2 releasing the first of next year with a nice little article about Uncle Drew. For those who don't know Uncle Drew is an alias that was created by Kyrie Irving to represent the old heads playing ball. All of these videos that you've seen feature starts from Maya Moore to Ray Allen. All who play a character that Uncle Drew use to either play with or hang with. The Uncle Drew series follows the old timer being re-awakened to find all of his old teammates. All are elderly. The search is centered around finding "The Big Man" which we all to believe will be played by Kevin Durant. The Uncle Drew gave a rebirth to the term "Get Buckets" which you now hear all over in terms of basketball.

I really like this series because it gives the younger generation a sense of history for the game and how it played before today. This game is always evolving but the younger players should always respect how the game got to where it is today, and what better way to do that than this. So take a look at the teaser of the newest chapter to the series and see if you can tell us who the character "Skinny Walt" is portrayed by and you might get a prize from the Pat & Annie LLC Team.