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Air Jordan Retro 12 "Cherry"

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Now who's a fan of the 12's? I am, it's one of my favorite pairs. The "Flu Games" and the "Taxi" if we want to get specific. Very comfortable shoe and just looks good with pretty much anything you put on. Well next year on January 9th, 2016 the Cherry 12's will be hitting stores. The last time this shoe came out shockingly I didn't see a lot of people with them on their feet, so I asked myself could it be that people couldn't afford them at about $200 a pair or maybe folks just didn't care for them all that much. 

Well now you have another chance to put them in your closet if you didn't before and were really trying to grab you a pair. Most people would think this shoe is an alternate to the flu games, but no this shoe is a stand alone release. Will retail at $190 so expect to pay $200 again. I think it's worth it though great shoe to have.