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Jordan CP3 13 P.E. "Hornets Home"

What's Really DopeAdrian DominguezComment

I guess one wasn't enough for the Jordan Brand to release! First it was the CP3 13 Hornets that has been said to release soon, and now its the same shoe just the Home colorway! In my opinion these look way better than the black pair but they are both still very nice. Give it up to Chris Paul for allowing his P.E.s to release!

The Jordan CP3 P.E is set to release November 11th In Greater China. Apparently the reason is a China Exclusive only but it doesn't hurt to pray that they release here in the U.S. as well! Don't you wish you had plugs all around the world? Start getting in contact with everybody because China is getting all the exclusives! Or find a plug in the U.S. that has a China plug. That works too! Good luck if you try to get your pair!