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Nike Kobe X "Christmas"

Christopher TowlesComment

So who all is excited about the Christmas releases for this year? I know I am. The Kobe X might be my favorite out of all the releases simply because I generally like the Kobe X design. The last Kobe release I felt like I needed to have was the "Grinch" release. That lime/yellowish green in collaboration with the red shoe lace to me was the best of the releases of that franchise. To me this release is going to be nice because of the relaxed color scheme. No need to go all out all the time. The holiday release will retail at $200 and will also be hitting stores the 26th of December. Great way to spend all that Christmas money you'll be getting from your family members right?

Kobe Zoom "Grinch"

Kobe Zoom "Grinch"