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Maroon 6 & 72-10 Pre-orders [Photos]

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Christmas is coming up fast! Don't know what to get your husband, son, or any sneakerhead in the family? Or even for yourself! Well I found the best Christmas gift for a sneakerhead!

Pat & Annie LLC is now doing preorders on the Maroon 6 which releases 12-05-15 and the 72-10 11 which releases 12-19-15! When you preorder, the pairs are 100% guaranteed! You will not have to wake up early on release date because your pair will be locked down!

Keep in mind if you're outside of Colorado we do ship! And you can pay with PayPal. You can contact us through email, through twitter @PatAndAnnie or through instagram @PatAndAnnie. Thank you and Happy Holidays from Pat & Annie LLC!

- Jordan 6 "Maroon" $300+tax+shipping(if needed)
- Jordan 11 "72-10" $270+tax+shipping(if needed)