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Marvin The Martian Retro 7

Christopher TowlesComment

The Marvin The Martian Retro 7 will be released on the 15th of August. I know that most of of my sneaker head community is thinking this can't be the real release dedicated to the heinous Looney Tune, Marvin the Martin, because at the beginning of the summer in May there was a  retro 7 released that was dubbed with the same alias. Jordan brand saw it fit to do this release because it follows the Hare Retro 7 which is dedicated to the famous Bugs Bunny who was first to have a Jordan dedicated to his existence. I feel that this release pertains more to the actual color scheme and design of the character with the deep reds and offset greens. When you look at this shoe you will think deep space villain. The shoe will retail at $190 and will be available online at 8am sharp on the Saturday August 15th.