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Stop by The Shop!!

Adrian DominguezComment

   If you don't know already, we have a new spot, inside of Jordan's Barber Shop. We have shoes in almost all sizes and as usual our special mixed cereal! Bring your kids by and get them some amazing cereal after their haircut! It will definitely get their day going. Hey, maybe even pick up a new pair of shoes while your're at it! If you stop by and we do not have what you are looking for or we do not have your size we can get your contact information, find the shoe, and get back to you asap! So please do not be afraid to ask if we can find what you are looking for. Keep yourself updated with the Pat & Annie LLC shop by following us on twitter @PatAndAnnie & @DguezAdrian and instagram @PatAndAnnie & @adrian_dominguez123. Have an amazing weekend and we hope to see you all soon!