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Nike Foamposite "Gucci"

Adrian DominguezComment


Has anybody realized that the Foamposite just doesn't stop? Whether Foams are trash or amazing in your opinion, you have to give them credit for coming back all the time. This week we have the Nike Foamposite "Gucci" releasing on Friday 4, 2015. The retail price will be $230. In my opinion this price is pretty high, but they are a nice shoe so it makes the price worth it. 

These Foams will be an easy shoe to grab on release day, so therefore they will sell out. But always make sure you check your local mall to see if they have your size before paying resell. If you are a reseller, these are not a pair of shoes you'd want to "Snatch and Release". Resell will only be about $50 over retail. So ressellers, avoid this shoe unless you'd like to cop to rock. Good luck to everybody who is going for the Gucci Foamposites this Friday!