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Jordan 11 IE Low "Referee"

Adrian DominguezComment

   This weekend we have another Jordan 11 IE. This time we have the Jordan 11 IE Low "Referee". I'm not a fan of any IE's but these and the Crocs are nice. I love the back story behind this shoe. They were originally designed back in 1996 for the NBA referees since they were only allowed to wear shoes that were all black during the season. Pretty crazy how they have made the come back all because of Chris Paul breaking them out at the USA Basketball mini camp in Las Vegas.

   All 11s are hyped as every sneakerhead knows. So these will sell out. But always make sure to check your local mall before paying resell. The Pat & Annie LLC shop will be doing preorders if you would like to get a pair! You can contact us on instagram or twitter @PatAndAnnie or on twitter @DguezAdrian & instagram @adrian_dominguez123. If you prepay you will get your pair! Don't be afraid to message us and ask any questions about the preorder. To everybody who is going for a pair this weekend, good luck to all!