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Nike Air Foamposite "University Blue"

Christopher TowlesComment

So I know everybody is up and down on the foamposite releases. Honestly I haven't really cared for a foamposite release since the "Metallic Red" foamposites. This release i'm excited about because it's really like a opposite to the gym red or metallic red foams. Of course it's Penny Hardaway's signature shoe so its going to cause a lot of traffic for shoe stores on the 5th of February. Very clean color way and you can wear them with North Carolina gear perfect to wear when March Madness starts!!

The shoe will be in stores on the 5th of February and will retail at $230. A little abnormal because the usual price for big releases is $250 but hey I'm not upset about more money in my pocket right? Don't miss out on this release it's a big one!!! You might remember the original university blue foamposite because it was just blue and white with the white, this release is a carolina blue and black color way.