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NikeLab Air Force 1 Low

Christopher TowlesComment

I know we have been doing a lot of posts about the newest Jordan releases, New Balance, Timberland, Yeezy's, and so on, but today were going to keep it simple and pay some homage to one of the original sneakers that have been killing shoe sales ever since 1982. THis colorway isn't to extraordinary or really flashy but that's thing with Air Force 1's they always look good.

Having an all red top with a white bottom to me is an explosive combination. Some people don't like so much of one color all throughout one shoe like this but I feel like with red you cant go wrong. Me personally I like the color red a lot so maybe it's a little biased but I'd say the same thing about a navy colorway or lets say a forest green colorway, and by the way this release comes in multiple colors. Will retail between $90 - $110 but don't expect anymore than that. They hit stores on the 21st of January so go get you some folks.