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People Are Paying $8,000 For The Limited Nike Irving Uncle Drew Sneaker

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Would you pay up to $8,000 for a pair of Nike Kyrie Irving sneakers? Well some people actually are. The Irving sneaker is a hot commodity in the hypebeast community, they are low, comfortable, and also fashionable. With all Nike sneakers, there are limited edition sneakers and with the Irvings it was the limited edition Uncle Drew sneaker. There were only 150 pairs created and the only way anyone were able to get their hands on the coveted sneakers was through a contest by Pepsi.

Now, the winners are receiving their kicks and immediately flipping them for profit on ebay. Flipping kicks in the sneaker industry is not new, but what is interesting, is the prices people are paying for the sneaker. There was one bid that was toward $8,000, if that's a little bit out of your price range, there are still $7,000, $6,060, and $6,000 bids happening. If you want to this exclusive pair of Irvings, be ready to pay up.