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Kith x Adidas Consortium Tubular Doom

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For those of you that don't know, today was the release of the new collaboration of the Kith x adidas Consortium Tubular Doom. They released today on and in Kith stores. Crazy thing about that is NYC was hit with a blizzard today. If you think that would stop sneakerheads from getting these sneakers then you thought wrong! Outside of the Kith store sneakerheads waited for this new sneaker to drop.

Is this too much? Ask any one of them and they'll tell you no. They wanted this collaboration so the snow didn't bother them at all. New York isn't new to cold weather but you have to admit, they must have been freezing. Many shops were closed today but not Kith! Well, atleast not until they sold out of the Kith x Adidas Consortium Tubular Doom. Would you have camped for the sneakers like the sneakerheads below?