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Air Jordan Retro High OG "Banned"

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So the "Banned" Retro 1's are supposed to be making a another appearance later this year, how does everyone feel about that? I can't wait personally. The last time this shoe surfaced was back in 2011 and it did just as much damage to wallets as I expect it to this time around. Why are they called the "Banned" 1's do you ask? well This certain colorway kicked up a lot of dust around the NBA back in the 80's when Jordan first debuted the shoe. It was said that the shoe didn't follow regulations in terms of matching the team's colors and the other players shoes who were on the team. So first year NBA commissioner David Stern put a ban on the shoe, in other words the shoe didn't have enough white in it, but isn't Chicago's primary colors black and red? This has been a huge discussion around the league for the past 30 years and is still going pretty strong.

The shoe will be hitting stores on September 3rd and will retail at $160. Very surprising because of the history behind this shoe, I mean they go for $2,000+ on flight club. When have you have ever heard of that price for an OG that big. Rumor has it it's going to be an AJ 1.5 or something of the sort, I really hope that's not the case otherwise my outlook on Jordan brand and Nike will be somewhat tarnished.