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The Curry Era

What's Really DopeChristopher TowlesComment

So you might of heard of this guy named Stephen Curry. Point Guard for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. Not to much to talk about but he's been causing quite the problems for all the different teams in the league this year and last, quite as it's kept he's been making a name for himself the second he came into the league back in 2009. Going number 7 in the draft the kid from Davidson College has come along ways, interesting enough same draft class as his competitor in the running for MVP last year starting Shooting guard for the Houston Rockets James Harden some say that Harden should have taken that title. 


The past 5 years Curry has been busy with his now two children the release of his second signature shoe I'd say dude is putting his fingerprint on history. Just recently setting the record for being the youngest player to reach 1,000 made 3 pointers in NBA history although it doesn't surprise me to much with a shooting stoke that's even better than his father's, the shooting legend Dell Curry. So to all of my fellow basketball players go grab a pair of his Under Armour Curry 2's see if you can get on his level, better try to pass his level.