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Air Jordan 1 OG Low "Chicago"

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You may have to choose what shoe you want to buy during All-Star Weekend. Unless you can buy then all. Sneakers just keep pouring in for the weekend. From the original Kobe, KD, Lebron, & Kyrie sneakers to the Jordan 1, Jordan 5, and even Reebok Question. This pair actually has nothing to do with All-Star weekend but it is still clean and releasing along with the others.

Along with all the other sneakers in that weekend, the Air Jordan 1 Low "Chicago" is set to release with a price tag of $130. If you scored on a pair of the High Chicago 1 then you know how amazing that quality was. Let's pray that we see the same on the lows. Look for the Chicago 1 low at multiple retailers as well as online February 13th.

(2016 Releases)

(2016 Releases)