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He Got Game 13's

What's Really DopeChristopher TowlesComment

So today I'm going to take it back to some of my favorite shoes. This shoe is part of the reason why I fell in love with Jordans and why I love the game so much. This colorway is dubbed with that alias because of infamous movie that Starred NBA legend Ray Allen and Academy award winner Denzel Washington. The He Got Game 13's were worn by Denzel Washington's character in the final meetings between the two characters in the climax and and conclusion of the movie. If you haven't seen it then you should surely watch asap!!

Epic movie because of the history behind this shoe and the lessons learned on and off the court in this movie. To me this shoe represents the importance of family and the ties that this sport can bring between family, friends, relationships, etc. The character Ray Allen played in the movie was named "Jesus Shuttlesworth" which sticks with the NBA great to this day. So if this shoe is to debut again anytime soon I will be the first in line. Having a black and white midsole and red lined sole complimented with the green panther's eye this shoe will always be legendary to me for so many different reasons, above all my love for basketball.