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Air Jordan 2 Retro "Radio Raheem"

What's Really Dope, New ReleasesChristopher TowlesComment

This Saturday will be a pretty big release, honestly in my opinion I think we can safely say that this a big deal for the sneaker community. If you don't know what inspired this shoe then you probably aren't to familiar with the infamous Spike Lee, well known African American movie director who's responsible for numerous controversial movies and productions. Spike Lee has always been known for his movies and along the way helped the Jordan brand sky rocket in popularity throughout the 80's and 90's. Doing so with commercials, and movies that feature Jordan's retros kicks. Emphasizing the importance of sneakers and helping give birth to the ever-growing sneaker community were apart of today. 

Radio Raheem is a character within one of Spike's earliest movies "Do The Right Thing" which a movie that concentrates on racial issues that took place in Brooklyn between the White and Black communities. Radio Raheem was a pro-black character that was murdered due to racial violence during a scene in the movie and that movie speaks on an issue that seems to be growing everyday in today's world. This shoe is dedicated to that character but further more an issue that us as Americans still deal with today. In my eyes it's a monumental release. They will retail at $190 and hit stores Jan. 9, this coming Saturday