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Nike Kobe 11 "Achilles Heel"

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As we all know this going to be Kobe Bryant's last season but I don't imagine he will discontinue his business ventures in the basketball world especially when it comes to shoes. Kobe has made numerous shoes beginning in the realm of Adidas then merging over to Nike, which to me was great move. Well Kobe will be releasing his latest shoe the Kobe 11 and the first colorway will be dubbed the "Achilles Heel" for obvious reasons, the most devastating injury he's had since his career started. 

I don't know how to feel about this release because I really liked the latest designs of the kobes up to this point. This latest design for the 11 is turning away from the more robust look and going for a rounded look which I don't know if I like or not. This isn't a big deal to me but I am just saying I really like the designs up to this point and I don't know if they kept up the brand with this one, but aye everybody is allowed a couple bad apples in the bunch right?