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Air Jordan 5 Retro Low "Chinese New Year"

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So the trend continues with the low top Jordan design coming into popularity. Of course you've seen my previous blogs about the low top 6's like the "Chromes" or the Seahawk themed release that came out last year. Now the Low top 5 retro is making a little bit of a come back. You'll see the low top retro 5 about 3/4 times in 2016 but I wanted to concentrate on the "Chinese New Year" release that will be hitting stores this month on the 23rd. 


Very explosive colorway with bright greens, pinks, purples, and blues this release delivers a different feel to it. A big picture on the back of the shoe that contains bright colored graphics that with hold Asian art designs with the jumpman symbol located in the middle of the design. They will retail at $200 and I expect will sell very quickly so mark your calendar or the 23rd ladies and gentlemen.