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Rita Ora x Adidas Originals Tubular "Asian Arena"

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So if you aren't familiar with Rita Ora she's one of the hottest music artists in today's younger generation. She's made music with all types of influences and she's been dipping her hand in the sneaker community for quite awhile now. She has a partnership with Adidas and has been releasing shoes that are more in the trainer genre of kicks but she loves the old school look as well. This shoe I'm blogging about today is the Adidas Tubular which is an insanely comfortable trainer shoe great for walking and working out in, and Ora puts her own style into the shoe making it able to accessorize with an outfit. I'm assuming it will be geared towards our female sneaker heads so ladies keep an eye out on February 6th for this shoe to release.

This shoe will be coming in a pack with 3 other shoes which is part of a collection so why not buy all 4 kicks and have something different in each type of popular adidas shoe that's killing the game right now.