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Nike Air Foamposite Pro "Pure Platinum"

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So we all love foamposites and the releases keep coming. Coming next month on the 12th is the  "Pure Platinum." This color way is kind of like if the Yeezy Foams and the Suede release that happened earlier in 2015 had a love child. Nice accents of that deep coral and light green all throughout the shoe with that neutral grey taking over the shoe laces and the midsole. You've seen this color way before when Kanye West was with Nike. This won't be the last yeezy inspired Foamposite to release this year I'm pretty sure, just wait on it.

This isn't to much of a problem to notice that this shoe is priced for $250 honestly I thought they would be priced higher than that being that Kanye is charging about $300+ for a shirt with holes in it, but luckily his alliance with Adidas might prevent to much of an opinion over the realm of retail prices when it comes to the oh so popular Nike conglomerate.