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Reebok Question "All-Star"

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The Reebok Question is a legendary shoe, to me will be just as valuable as Jordan or Ewings one day. One of the most favored point guards to ever play the game inspired this shoe and it's sad to say but a lot of young basketball players won't appreciate what he did for the game and how he changed the culture of basketball. Allen Iverson was really a connoisseur when it came to bringing the essence of honest grit to the game. A lot of people didn't like Iverson at first because of his demeanor, it was sought to be thuggish and or ignorant. Granted some of the things he did was questionable in the context of class but some people were just raised in a completely different environment. So his shoe had a lot behind it besides his name but what he represented as a person and where he came from. 

Well the Question returns this month unfortunately after All-Star break for the NBA. I would think that Reebok would push to release the shoe before because of it's street name, The "All-star." It will retail at $140 and comes out on the 20th of this month.