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Supplied PDX Accused Of Selling Fake Sneakers By Federal Agencies

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Earlier this month, agencies from the IRS and Homeland security raided the home of James Pepion where more than 1500 potentially counterfeit adidas, Nikes, and Asics were discovered along with phones and laptops. 

Supplied PDX is accused of selling fake, stolen, and "grey market" Nike and Air Jordan sneakers. The components of the sneaker are made from factories in China that are not Nike authorized facilities.  

Pepion has made major bank off of Suplied PDX, accumulating $2.6 million in paypal sales since the site launched in 2012. Nike issues a Statement regarding Pepion and Supplied PDX:

“Nike aggressively protects our brand, our retailers, and most importantly our consumers against counterfeiting.  We actively work with law enforcement and customs officials around the world to combat the production and sale of counterfeit product, and are supporting Homeland Security Investigations in this investigation.”

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