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Jordan 6/17 CDP

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The Air  Jordan 6 was one of  Mike’s first shoes he won a championship in. The shoes  also re- appear in the USA Olympic games-and the playoffs in 1992 as well.

The shoe was inspired by a Porsche  in the late 80’s that Michael had- the spoiler on that car inspired  the back of the Jordan 6 heel panel.



The air Jordan 17 wasn’t created by tinker. mike had a new shoe designer for his big come back around 01,

The creator of this master piece is Wilson smith the 3rd. William really wanted to tap into what Jordan loved an put it all in the shoe in a remarkable way—using some of his favorite things like : cars , music , an other sports Mike did on his spare time .

The music notes on the upper reveal mikes love for jazz the striking outer-sole was based off an Aston-Martin it had to be another one of mikes favorite cars the sole was a golf course they say its his own.

the 17 was only released a few times and this 08 count down pack would be the return of the 17 since Jordan’s return to the NBA since then they have re-released in the copper but we will get into that more next time .



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