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Adidas Equipment Apparel Collection

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The Adidas EQT collection is by far one of sneakerheads favorite clothing line. We usually forget that Adidas makes clothes, because people rather wear True Religion, Levi, & Nike. This Collection is set to drop this month and upcoming months also with more to their EQT collection. 

Through Mid 90's the Black, white & green were popular colors, Adidas decided why not try these colors again especially since alot of 90's clothing is coming back into style. The EQT collection will consist of a running top & track bottoms, a pack-able down filled crew-neck, a full zip Boston track jacket, and the Classic Equipment sweatshirt with the logo detailing the neck area. The sweatshirt, running top & Boston track jacket are all 1-to-1 bring back silhouettes, updated slighty with modern material. The Down Crew-neck is a new shape though, largely inspired by design elements from the past, re-interpreted for modern day.

Catch the Collection this weekend, dropping Saturday, January 30th Worldwide.