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The NMD Runner "City Sock" Glow-Dn-The-Dark By adidas Original

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Over the past year, adidas has really grabbed life by the horns and the iconic sneaker brand has no qualms of slowing down anytime soon. adidas Original has put their spin on one of the fastest selling running shoes in 2016, the NMD runner. This time, the brand gave the sneaker a glow in the dark treatment to pacify everyone from hypebeast to night joggers. 

This sneaker has a green glow that it's predecessors did not have. However, the shoe still has the adidas Primeknit material. This seems like the perfect shoe for ragers or people who like to run during the night. 

There has been no official word on when the shoe is set to release, but for more, scrolls through the gallery below for more shots of this beautiful sneaker.