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You Can Now Go Crazy Buying Sneakers Overseas! Kind Of

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If there has always been one hassle in sneaker cultures, it's looking up a dope pair of sneakers that are about to release, but they will only be available overseas. Sure, trying to get a pair of overseas kicks is dope, but the process is downright tedious at times. At the end of the day it's not even worth the hassle.

However, there is hope now thanks to the Trade Facility and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015. When President Obama signed this bill, it made it increased fees threshold. The original price was $200, now it's $800. Thanks Obama! 

Now it means that sneakerheads can peacefully order sneakers beyond U.S. borders without a surprise bill in toe with them. You can now purchase shoes from End, size?, and Sneakersnstuff, and much much more. So get to shopping! Those rare Nike Air Jordan Fives in England aren't going to be there forever.