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UPDATE for Nike Air Mag!!

What's Really DopeAdrian DominguezComment

For those of you that were interested in the last Air Mag blog, this is just an update in case you haven't seen anything on Facebook or Twitter. Yesterday, Nike was dropping hints of a possible release saying "@realmikefox see you tomorrow." This morning there was information that the first Power-Lacing Nike Air Mag was in New York. Once we heard that, everybody started freaking out, waiting for them to release. Including myself.

Later on in the day Michael J Fox posted a picture on Twitter of a letter than Tinker Hatfield had sent to him. The letter stated that Nike had done what they planned. And that there are more pairs to come in 2016. Also, that his personal pair was on the way! You can find the letter on Michael's personal Twitter page @realmikefox.

After Michael got his pair he posted an on feet picture saying "This is real. This is today. Coming spring 2016. cc: @RealMikeFox @Nike." And that's when the video of the Power-Lacing Air Mag came out. You can find the video on the foundation Twitter page @MichaelJFoxOrg. Michael modeled the first pair of Power-Lacing Nike Air Mags and everybody went crazy! Nike decided to go the same route as they did in 2011, just this time...with Power-Laces! Read more details here: Start saving up now if you'd like a pair. Happy Back to the Future Day!