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Nike Zoom Flyknit Agility - "Potion"

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The Nike brand has always been on top of their game when it comes to the athletic world. From apparel, accessories, apps, and footwear, Nike has always been at the forefront in the athletic game. This trend will not change anytime soon with Nike's announcement of their new Flyknit Agility sneaker called the "Potion." This sneaker will officially be released via the Nike webstie on October 22 with a $150 price tag.

What makes the "Potion," differ from it's counterparts is the unique Fuschia Glow/Black-Voltage Green-Phobe blue colorway. This odd combination will give wearers a distinctive look that will definitely separate them from the rest of the crowd. Nike already released a women's colorway of this particular sneaker, and now fellas will have an opportunity to do the same. 

The "Potion" will be the starting point of Nike's ambitious 2016 campaign of the rainbow Air Force 1's.

Photo Credit: Nike