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The Official Summer 16' Jersey Guide Part I

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We are well into 2016, and one thing is extremely clear, sports jerseys are officially back in style. Jerseys have always been a staple in the urban wear community the past few years, but now it seems like the influence that jerseys have to everyone from children to adults cannot be ignored.  Jerseys are more than just a piece of clothing. The tops are much more because they hold a person’s loyalties, values, and who people respect all in one.

Some jerseys people have for shock value (see anyone with a Swaggy P jersey) but other clothes show a person’s hopes and dreams and how they want the best for the future (Cam Newton jerseys.) But most importantly, jerseys are an important part of any wardrobe because they virtually go with anything. Jerseys can be paired with anything from camo shorts to dress pants and everything in between.

With the resurgence of jerseys, there are a few sporting garments that will make any person look like a loser, Don’t be a loser. Follow the official Summer 16’ Jersey guide to staying ahead of the pack.

(This list is in no particular order)

Kobe Bryant “Hollywood Nights” Jersey

Kobe Bryant, arguably one of the greatest individuals to ever play the sport of basketball, hung up his jersey for the last time in mid-April. After 20 years of giving his mind, heart, body, and soul to the game he loves he finally called it quits. But only after accumulating multiple championships, All-Star nods, Olympic gold medals, MVP awards, and everything in between.

Now everyone will be trying to honor the Black Mamba with their Bryant jerseys. Instead of sticking with the crowd with the classic yellow Lakers Bryant jersey, an alternative look would be a much cooler look. The jersey that will certainly turn heads is the “Hollywood Nights,” jersey. It’s not the typical Lakers jersey, and it’s also a very sought after garment. Looking for this particular top? No worries, you can purchase the Kobe Bryant “Hollywood Nights,” Jersey here.

Tim Duncan “adidas Camo 2014-2015 Pride” Jersey


Another legend who might have possibly played his last game in the NBA this past year is the “Big Fundamental,” Tim Duncan. Duncan, who has been a solid fixture in the league since the late nineties, maybe hanging his jersey up soon. Duncan prides himself on having the fashion sense of a grandpa, and he has no problem with this.

There’s no better way to honor Duncan than by wearing one of the ridiculous jerseys he wore during his tenure as a San Antonio Spur. The camo jersey does not reflect Duncan’s personality in the slightest. The Jersey is loud, makes an immediate impact on those around it, and quickly steals the spotlight. All of those factors are not Tim Duncan in the least which is why this jersey is the perfect one to represent Duncan, a big troll. You can purchase the Tim Duncan “adidas Camo 2014-2015 Pride,” Jersey here.

Toronto Raptors Kyle Lowry Adidas White Home Swingman climacool jersey


Yes, Kyle Lowry is one of the best point guards in the NBA. But his talents sometimes fail to transfer into the postseason where he often struggled and shined for his team from the 6ix. Everyone will be wearing Demar DeRozan’s threads because he’s the more popular of the two, if you’re trying to stand out from the rest, this is the perfect summer jersey for you. Buy this jersey here.

New York Giants Odell Beckham Jr. Nike Royal Blue Jersey


There’s absolutely no denying that Odell Beckham Jr has star power. The New York Giants wide receiver has charisma on and off of the field. He has stolen the hearts of many football fanatics and has become virtually a household name.

What better way to show that you’re ahead of the times and know who’s going to be the future face of the NFL someday by jumping ahead of the curve and copping a Beckham jersey now? Sure, it’s a bit premature, but Odell has the star power to attract everybody, which in turn would attract everybody to you. You can purchase this jersey here.

Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry Charcoal Player Swingman Jersey


Stephen Wardell Curry is the most skilled basketball player in the world right not (Not-debatable.) Not only does the man shoot with ice in his veins, but he is also by far one of the most entertaining NBA athletes to watch. Watching Steph Curry hit a jumper live is what poetry in motion resembles. Not only is he an excellent shooter, but his handles are not bad either, he has been known to shake defenders out of the ankles on multiple occasions (Enes Kanter.)

Celebrate the Baby Faced Assassin by rocking one of his more coveted jersey, the charcoal swingman. Everybody already has the sleeveless home or away jerseys, be original and don the charcoal sleeved jersey. This piece of clothing will be sure to turn heads in the upcoming summer months. Buy this jersey here.

This article is only part one of the series. The official Summer 16 jersey guide will continue every Friday at 9:30 a.m. MDT until June 17, 2016.