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How To Successfully Get A Pair Of The Supreme x Air Jordan 5

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It seems like years, that Supreme and Air Jordan have teased the masses with a Air Jordan Five collaboration. But in less than 24 hours, that dreams will be made a reality. According to hypebeast, the Supreme x Air Jordan 5 collabo will drop on October 16. Make sure that you have your bots and crew on their laptops ready, the shoes are limited and will be gone quickly. 

The shoes will be released on the Supreme website and in their London store on October 16. The Supreme store in Japan will also be releasing the shoe on October 17. For the time being, will not be carrying the sneaker, but considering that one of the Nike Air Force One x Supreme colorway was available via Nike, anything is possible. 

Here are five steps that may aid you in successfully cop a pair of the Supreme x Air Jordan 5 collaboration sneaker.

  1.  Hit Up Your Plug In Advanced. (Plugs are sneaky characters, they may fake you out, go on your own caution.)
  2. Have Multiple Ways To Buy Available. (Have multiple tabs up on your laptop, your mobile device, tablet/iPad, and your desktop computer.)
  3. Teamwork Makes The Dream Work. (Have your friends help you achieve your sneakerhead dreams! Beware of selfish/jealous associates, make sure your friends no that the sneakers are not for them though.)
  4. Run Your Best Bots(self explanatory.)
  5. International Connections (The sneakers are releasing in London and Japan. If you have friends in the Big Ben area or the Eastern Hemisphere Capital of the World hit them up ASAP.)

View the pictures below, and good luck! Grab your pair here

Photo Credit: Hypebeast