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1 On 1 With Comedian @Blake_Swain

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Rising comedian Blake Swain's has no ceiling when it comes to his future. PNA CEO @Jazzeo sat down with the funny man and chopped it up with him about how he entered the comedy business, his motivation, and what his future holds. Read the interview below and watch his latest video on his Facebook page. 

Why did you decide to get into entertainment?

Ive always been able to make people laugh. I was almost always voted the class clown. I did my first stand up in 2009 at CSU Fort Collins. It wasnt my first time stepping in front of a large crowd. I was already used to public speaking and the funnyness just came natural. It was then I decided to give this acting/comedy career a go.

When was your first performance in front of a crowd?

Thats a hard question to answer. My first big performance was in 2012 when i opened up for Jon B at the Gothic Theatre. There had to been over 500 people in that building.

Have you been paid for a perfromance/role/photoshoot/gig?

Yes Ive been paid to do Stand Up once at the Improv, and that was for $100.

Have you ever been represented by a management company before?


How often do you like to work in front of a camera or audience per week? Which do you prefere, camera/video or perfromances?

If i had the equipment I would do at least 3-4 skits a week on camera. Id rather do camera than performances. I can perform on the camera.

Is your legal name your entertainment name?

Yes. Blake Swain. Im putting together a film company. A Swain Vision