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Lil Wayne: Superman No More

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In the current Superman comic book storyline, Clark Kent has acquired a new power called the "Solar Flare" which temporarily gives him the ability to become a walking human inferno. Once the flame fades after a few seconds, the Man of Steel basically becomes a mere mortality. He barely has any abilities and can't even fly. That's exactly what has happened to former Cash Money artist, Dwayne "Lil Wayne" Carter.

It has been a painful decline for the once "Best Rapper Alive." after giving his all on I Am not a Human Being he showed very little life. He was not the lyrical miracle that he once was. And his latest project Free Weezy Album proves just that.

Throughout the LP, it seems that Wayne has lost his touch. It's not just the legal battles that he's been having with his former mentor, how both of his protégés have outshined him the past few years, or other artists have borrowed his drug filled lyrics blueprint, and have taken them to levels he could not have ever envisioned. Wayne has changed.

After the first track on the FWA, "Glory." It goes all downhill from there. The New Orleans native somewhat struggled in finding his true voice. He no longer is. He no longer had the protection of the Cash Money armor that he once had (word to @MeelzTV).

Even his featured artists were lackluster. Harry Reid and Hoods baby!??! Who are those people? Even Wiz Khalifa and Jeezy gave Weezy throwaway verses that they didn't really care for.

The FWA is Wayne trying to find out how he sounds post his Cash Money era. He experimented a lot and didn't sound too confident in what he provided to the masses. He didn't sound nervous or anything, just plain mortal.

Wayne will bounce back from this rough patch, but he'll never be the untouchable individual he once was, just like Clark Kent won't be the same type of Superman.