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The Phoenix Rises: How Meek Mill can Bounce Back

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At this point, it's safe to say that Meek Mill lost his feud with Drake. Aubrey Graham outsmarted Meek at his own game.  Yes, Mill is a battle rapper, from the streets, and knows what's it's like to make something out of nothing. But it's clear that he was playing out of his league in this "battle."

All of his comebacks were lame. His diss track was very forgettable (he ruined the Undertaker's theme song, how does that happen?) now he's talking about wedgies and nobody likes Drake, it's whack.

It's better now for the Philly native to just gather up his loses,  go home,  and get as much of Nicki Minaj as he can before she splits too.  

Moving forward, Meek must go back to what originally made him successful, music. He has a prime example in front of him,  his CEO Rick Ross went on a incredible musical journey after his beef with 50 Cent. In fact,  those were Ross' best albums of his career. Meek must do the same.

With all of his projects, they start off extremely strong but by the end,  it seems that he's tired. For his next project he must bring the intensity from start to finish.  

Meek is in the process of cleaning up his image, but being a nice guy is not what made him the "Boss" He is today. It was his gritty wordplay, relatable rags to riches story, and remarkable confidence that created him into the hoodstar that stands before fans today.

Meek will bounce back, it will just take the same or even more time to make it work than his original rise to stardom for that to truly happen.