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@TrevRichHD - "All The Way Up" [Stream]

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*Looks at calendar* it is SquizzySZN from the looks of things. The number one team in Colorado has been hard at work over the past few months delivering quality content. From the return of Pries, AP killin it, Doobie Newton doing his thing on the live local circuit, and the Squizzy DJs taking over the city, Squizzy has been one. 

Now, Trev Rich is stepping up to the plate and reminding the masses that he is still the man. On his latest track "All The Way Up" he declares that not only have his vision on life become clearer, its that nobody is going to get in his way of conquering his dreams. 

Trev Rich is warming up to have his very own hot summer. Listen to "All The Way Up," below.