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Letter From The CEO

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To Those Still Down,

Thank you for being more than just a customer, listener, reader, or friend.  The support that I have received from all of you for Pat & Annie is unprecedented. And for that I say Thank You again.

After taking more than a year off, I believe it is time to give the Two Head Gang back to the world. I took the time off for personal and financial reasons. Trying to balance being a husband, father, coach, and business owner took its toll on this journey with Pat & Annie that I started in 2012. During that journey I have made amazing, good, and terrible decisions. That is apart of the journey but to my family, business associates, and customers I apologize. 

That being said I know that Pat & Annie is for the culture, and who am I to take that away. So if you are still a customer, listener, reader, or friend and you still love music & fashion..........PAT & ANNIE IS BACK!

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