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#PNAApproved Truck Turner - The Hawaii Area Code Tape: 1st Edition

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Truck Turner continues to be poised for a deep run with his latest mix the "Hawaii Area Code Tape: 1st Edition." The Gary, Indiana native has proven time and time again that he knows what the game of Hip-Hop has been missing.

His blend of old-school feels over modern beats is quite frankly untouchable. His track record speaks for itself,  both of his series,  the "I need to bag of Dope," and his "Quick Hit" mixes always leaves fans yearning for more.  

On his latest mix, Turner not only brings the heat but his mix excudes confidence. With songs from JiM Chief, Tommy widow, Solo Young, Key! 2 Chainz, Migos, Mano, Chance The Rapper, ad more, Turner has a song for everybody on this latest mix. 

Click on the link below and be relieved that your listening skills have finally experienced a real mix.