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The Real Ned Flanders II Touched My Soul

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Word by Ouima Marshall

I a room plastered with calendar plans and rebel labs records and computer programming code drenching the walls with a white board to the right of the amazing bean bag that I'm sitting in and an old Atari video gaming system somehow rigged up not to one...not two...but three monitors, a massage chair at the foot of the bed, and my pup guarding my outrageously comfortable bean bag... uh,'s a nest--- not a bag; oh the eggs I would lay here.

SIDETRACKED...beyond that, I sit a giddy, attentive, critical, bossy-- at least junior year college student with hipster-rescue glasses (that I ACTUALLY need to use to see...not a fashion statement) OH and we mustn't forget the Masia Monistrol Cava Brut that I took upon myself to open on this momentous occasion of my first review to none other than an extremely appropriate album...The Real Ned Flanders 2 by Alex Meazy Jiles

THIS is definitely the type of album you can have in your car always and can get you giddily through your entire work week with a magnificent go-getter demeanor and reminder to those that need to stay in their lane whilst being WOKE outrageous that all too often still there's not too many fellows that come across our paths that are woke (If you don't'll never know)...C'est la vie.

A well substantiated and precise ode to many a 90s baby. Be prepared for a few punch lines that may go over your head; especially if you weren't a fan of the Addams family or Cousin Skeeter ha (we forgive you). An articulate and well enunciated tither of lyrics that are non-misogynistic, (Yes ladies...he loves us like Drake loves us), pro-CULTURE, and pro-humanity from an extremely formidable artist and gentleman who condones nothing other than truth to self, and truth to art.

NDF2 touches on almost everything that it means to be a millennial or any age (not to disqualify anyone else who relates) through your daily grind, energy you give your love language, your mantra, the company of the squad you keep, our first passions in our high school years and how the transformation became adjacent to our choices today. Nostalgic much? The first time that you ever got in trouble, the current world affairs; such as the ever discussed Black Lives Matter movement and the fervent influence of social media in our everyday lives. A direct and eloquent dissertation to all that you're capable of when it comes to differentiating between what's real and what's not and how you can be an influence. It's an all around positive ass album.

Similarly, to how one who LOVES Coheed and Cambria...I've listened to this album...all 17 tracks...from beginning to end, over and over, re-discovering standards that I have for myself, for my love, my everyday grind, and my passions. Truly...a masterful correlation to many of our lives right now.

I can't not...(double -) go on to mention that his album has the yummyest and my favorite of features who've made a name for themselves in Denver as well; like the lovely Danae Avery sir Trayce Chapman, Ray Reed, Wil Guice, and many contributions to artistry from the NDE family (Ryan LatourTaurean M NelsonKevin Cartoon Zach JacksonDajuan FardDewayne White Aaron Nde Gaskin Teller Banks..)

I can also say...that thank God, Thank God, THANK GOD this man is actually from Denver.

Alas...I encourage behooves you, to take part in the presentation of all that is The Real Ned Flanders 2, on Thursday, July 28th at the Bluebird....See you there my freaky darlings.