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Pen Griffey Jr. Is Returning To The Mile High City This Summer

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GUESS WHO’S BACKKKKKK!!!! If you guessed Bryson Tiller, then you indeed are correct. But this time he’s bringing a virtually unknown but very talented Anderson.Paak with him (If you’re not familiar with him, keep reading and you’ll get the rundown).  

The “trap-soul” singing over very melodic and dark beats last came to Denver back in February and it didn’t take a long time at all to sell out. If you missed out on the first live showing of TRAPSOUL, you definitely should not miss out on this one. Not only will this concert be in the full swing of beautiful weather, it is also at Red Rocks, arguably the best venue in North America.  

This time around though, Pen Griffey is bringing a very unknown but very talented, Anderson Paak

 If this is your first time hearing about Anderson, all you need to do is listen to Dr. Dre’s Compton. He’s featured on 6 songs and holds his own against the greats. If you’re sleeping, it’s time for you to wake up.

So there you have it folks. Bryson Tiller’s back at it again and this time he’s bringing some heat with him. JUNE 1st. RED ROCKS. BE THERE.

If you missed his concert the first time, PNA will catch you up with a few performances he did at his past show at the Ogden theatre.