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Bryson Tiller & Anderson Paak Deliver A Knockout Show At Red Rocks

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It’s crazy to imagine that so early in Bryson Tiller’s career he would have an almost sold out show at probably the most popular music venue in North America. But if you were in attendance on June 1, you got to witness an up and coming superstar perform there for the first time. Now before I get into talking about Tiller’s performance, we must start with his opener, Anderson Paak.

As someone who skimmed Anderson .Paak’s musical library, I had a general familiarity with him. He made a surprise appearance the night before at the KAYTRANADA show. Even though I was able to catch bits and pieces of the performance through Snapchat, I could see his energy that he displayed on stage. As soon as I walked into Red Rocks I could already feel the same energy he put forth the night before. I first noticed that he was playing the drums while crooning his songs off of his Malibu album.

He continued to do this for the majority of his hour long set and what impressed me the most was how he kept the crowd engaged the whole time. His songs combined a cool and smooth factor with a very funky presentation. From this point on, please do not sleep on Anderson .Paak, Dr. Dre would be upset if you did.

Now back to Pen Griffey, the man of the hour for about an hour was none other than Bryson Tiller. Everyone’s favorite trap soul singer, rapper and lecturer came with it for his first Red Rocks showing. It was definitely a chilly June night, but Mr. Tiller decided to so kindly heat up the place for us. Just like his first show in Denver, he ran through his whole TRAPSOUL album pretty much front to back.

What I liked the most about Tiller is that he knew how to balance his set, offering initial slower jams and then going into more upbeat bangers like “Sorry Not Sorry,” “Rambo” and then bringing it back to a slower pace with songs like “Exchange” and his smash hit “Don’t.” Bryson actually surprised me when he played “Just Another Interlude” because he omitted that out of his last Denver performance. We all want more Bryson Tiller but we’re still satisfied with his current body of work. I’m sure it’s in the works and will be delivered in no time but for now I’ll still keep singing “Sorry Not Sorry” at the top of my lungs whenever I get the chance.