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@DJSquizzyTaylor - "Colorado's Own (Local Mix)" [Stream]

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The Wave God, DJ Squizzy Taylor pops up out of nowhere with this brand new mix titled "Colorado's Own (Local Mix)." The set features a slew of Colorado artists.

Including Artist Trev Rich, AP, Esi Juey, Tripper Jones, Mr Midas, Doobie Newton, Ave Emi, Boss Goodie, Ray Reed, Trayce Chapman, InnerState Ike, Chuck Elwood, Trey Triple, Bmg Show, Teri Lagato, Wil Guice, A Meazy, Sofiyah, Tonio Armoni and Flawless Money!

DJ Squizzy Taylor has really improved when it comes to his mixing ability. Not only is he a dope party DJ, but his talent is finally transferring into having legitimate skills on the turntables. 

Stream "Colorado's Own," below.