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Lil Wayne Shares His Passion For Skateboarding With New Mobile Game

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Cash Money YMCMB President Lil Wayne has never shied away about his love for skateboarding. He started picking up riding on boards nearly a decade ago and since then he has not stopped. His love of skateboarding has grown abundantly to the fact that he wants to share the love with his very own mobile game. 

The game will be called Svad Up and it will feature all new music from the Hip-Hop mastermind himself. The Louisiana native has partnered up with technology company Utility to bring "action packed game that celebrates the Hip-Hop icon's love for the thrill of skateboarding.

Since Wayne also has a sponsorship deal wit mobile company Samsung,  Svad Up will be available for testing at E3, which runs June 14-16 in Los Angeles.

"I’m super excited to drop my first mobile skateboarding game Lil Wayne: Sqvad Up as a way to share my passion for skateboarding. It’s also special to celebrate all that makes my home of Hollygrove and New Orleans such a dope place," Lil Wayne says in the press release. “I started skateboarding at 29, not just because I thought it looked cool, but also because I wanted to be able to inspire kids to get outside and play. Skating is a perfect way for kids today to stay out of trouble and be positive and active.”

"This is how you stay in the game," he said. "Stay new, keep doing different things and keep growing with it. I ain’t complaining, I’m just going with it. I came and I’m just riding the waves of different things. It like they keep growing, technology changing, I’m gonna keep changing if I want, too."

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