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Talent Among Us Is Coming Back For Their Throne 'By Any Means'

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Consistency is key and Denver duo Talent Among Us (Hammer & Champ) have been a staple in the Colorado Hip-Hop community since the days of Yahoo! Messenger and Myspace music. Now, after nearly 10+ years of perfecting their crafts, the dynamic duo put their full force on display on their latest project By Any Means. Hammer & Champ proved how amazing the "staying low and building" method could be if executed properly.

PNA had the opportunity to be in attendance at T.A.U.'s release party at Aurora Urban clothing retailer City Limitz.

Over the years, Champion & Hammer are known to be silent assassins. Quiet but are deadly at the drop of a dime. And that's exactly how City Limitz was. A chill atmosphere but at any minute, the mood could move to 100 real quick.

The soundtrack of the evening was brought to the public by renowned Denver Hip-Hop Maestro, DJ Dozen. The energetic disc jockey provided a vast variety of hits. Everything from old school Jay-Z to A$AP Rocky rang through the speakers. Dozen knows what he is doing.

After a few giveaways which PNA was unsuccessful at winning, the men of the hour finally took the spotlight. Throughout the night, both Hammer and Champ said they were going to perform eventually for the crowd.

After awhile it seemed that the duo were never going to perform until they made everybody move to the other side of the venue and the team gave the crowd a fantastic four hit combo that was unforgettable. They led off with their banging introduction "2nd Coming," and continued from there with "Still Lit." Champ even got a little romantic for the ladies with his lustful track "Right Now."

Throughout their performance, one thing was clearly evident. The passion, heart, and love for music seeped through their movements. They performed with an urgency that sometimes is not there from many local artists. Seeing the true love the two have for their art was a refreshing relief.

If you haven't already make sure you cop By Any Means ASAP. It's a must have for any music junkie. Follow Hammer on Twitter @GoingHamm and Champion @Champ_TAU303.