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Enter The Widow's Nest: Tommy Widow Is Taking Over For The 15 & The 16

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Pat & Annie LLC prides ourselves on riding with some of the best artists in the state of Colorado. Our goal is to see them grow from the local scene to take on the world eventually. Every month we will be featuring a cover story on an artist that we know has next, our first cover story will be on the amazing rapper, Tommy Widow.

Colorado Springs rapper Tommy Widow may be gaining notoriety amongst the Colorado Hip-Hop scene, but to everyone he's grown up with, he's still neighborhood Tommy, and he wants to remain that way. The widow has had quite an impressive run through 2016; it seems like ever since the clocked struck midnight on December 31, 2015, the young emcee has not stopped running.

Widow started off the year with a dope video for his catchy song "Flex Washington" featuring Reggie MFN Black. The widow was not done after having amazing visuals for the song. He followed that up by releasing the song "Neva Eva," where he rapped about not having trust for anyone and staying true to himself. Then finally he released a short five song EP entitled Slommy Tommy.

On the project, Slommy Tommy, fans get to view a side of Widow they may not have been familiar with, an intimate side. Sure, Widow prides himself on wearing the latest fashion, having the dopest kicks, and seducing the best girls. But like with everyone, he is still human and has flaws and everyday issues he must deal with on his journey to becoming a better individual.

His progress an artist is clearly evident on one of the better songs on Slommy Tommy called "Where were you?" The track is about love and how when he needed his partner there the most for him, she completely vanished and went off the face of the earth, leaving him alone in his misery.

The widow has been perfecting his craft for a while now, but it seems like 2016 is the year that he hones in on his skills. Creatively, he's finally in a place that makes sense for him as an artist, and he's only going to continue to perfect his art from here.