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For The Culture: Tommy Widow's Favorite Places To Eat

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Often times it's extremely difficult to separate the artist from their work, most times the two are intertwined at the hip. But we actually got so info off of Widow about the places he loves to eat at.

He didn’t have a particular order but some of his favorites are Red Robin, Chic-Fil-A, any place that serves Gyro, he loves Wendy’s and the four for four deals. Widow also has a soft spot for Texas Road House mashed potatoes, actually he enjoys it loaded with no bacon because he does not eat pork or beef.

Out of all the places Widow loves to eat a sit a down meal at, none can compare to chicken gnocchi soup and a Caesar salad provided by the good people at the restaurant. He also enjoys the loaded breakfast burritos by Pete’s Kictchen.