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The Marathon Is Never Over For @TrayceChapman

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Trayce Chapman is a man on a mission. For so long the Colorado emcee has been viewed as the “little brother,” artist. The type of musician who has endless potential, but does not quite have what it takes to be in the upper echelon of local artists.

Now in 2016, Chapman is just not playing fair. The George Washington high school graduate is out to prove that not only does he belong in the heavyweight class of Hip-Hop artists, but he is ready to lead the pack.

I Caught up with Trayce, and we discussed a multitude of topics, mostly his live performance. Read below.

How many shows do you think you have done this year?

Probably like around 15-17.

Last year you had a show at the Art Society in historic west Denver. And you were like stupid drunk

Yeah I remember that, I was F*cked up. (Laughs)

You were all on stage just messing up. I was speaking to DJ Truck Turner and we both agreed that you needed to turn yourself around. Then when I say you at the Wave later that year, I realized that you had it. What inspired you to really get on it and improve your live performances the past year.

I wanted to sharpen my performance. I had one of the older heads come up to me and say “Yo, your music is dope, but you need to improve on your live performance. So that has been a focus for me this year. This is actually the first time in my life that I’m rehearsing. And it’s lit, It’s lit. laughs.

What has been your favorite performance you’ve done this year? 

Curren$y at Cervantes. Talib Kweli was also dope as well. But Curren$y was the first time I had a live band with me.

How many more shows can we expect from you this year?

Not as many as the first half of the year. I’m trying to really, it’s gonna be a lot really. I’m going to try and chill for the next month or so after the Westword awards, that’s June 25th. I’m gonna take a month off after that and then hopefully end the year we another 20 or shows.

Speaking of Westwood awards, you were nominated for something correct?

Yeah, it was for the solo Hip-Hop artist of the year. Go to right now and vote for me. 

Do you think you have one of the best live performances compared to your peers?

Yeah, I feel like we do. As far as a group goes, we actually prepare for our sets and try to delivers the best performances that we can.

What’s going with everyone else with BroFam?

This year we did a little something different than last. If you were paying attention to us last year, BroFam had four projects out already and this year we just wanted to wait. Right now it’s kind of f*cked up, the only one who has dropped this year is Bastard Hootie.

Was it strategically planned for you to step up on the live local scene? Or did you just step up to the plate?

I think I just stepped up to the plate honestly. I had been longer than the homies, as far as rapping and getting on stage. They are definitely getting their feet wet, but they’re really dope too. But I was just ahead of the pack and it was just natural.

Since we are on the topic of your live performances, I have seen some of your outfits and I have to ask, when can I get a Rest is for Billionaires jersey? Laughs I’m trying to cop the jersey and the windbreaker, when can I cop it?

The hockey joint is already out on as for the windbreaker? I do not know when it comes out, I’m just a dusty rapper laughs

What can we expect from your next project?

Man, it’s gonna be, capitalizing on what I already do really good. People really reacted great off of Contraband II but I think that was cause of the attention of what Contraband I got. It’s been over a year, I’m ready. 

It seems like you’ve really evolved as an artist. I do not know if you remember this but last October you put up a tweet that said something along the lines of “I don’t want the next six months of my life to be like the last six months.” Since then you’ve really gone to work. I commend you for chasing your dreams.

Yeah, thanks. 

What is your official title under RiFB? Are you a model or something of that nature?

I’m managed, they have a music side, I’m not the first, I’m the first outsource when it comes to music. The homie Taylor was like “Aye, your dope, let me be your manager.” I was like “Sure.” We have great chemistry and everything has just been falling into place from there. 

Speaking of chemistry, can we expect any collaborations on your next project?

I really only have one BroFam feature for the tape, you’ll find out when you listen. With three features total. With only one of those features being local.

Let’s switch gears for a minute here, from your perspective what happened between your crew and The Wolves?

It was childish to me. Bastard tweeted something, somebody spoke to Bastard, and so forth. Words and phrases were tossed around. It was funny to me though.

Is this y’all’s first altercation with The Wolves?

With them? Yeah, but first altercation in general? Nah. One of the people in The Wolves knew some of the people in the BroFam before the music, so that’s why it may have seemed slightly inflated.

Who’d you dream to open for?

Uh honestly, Curren$y was up there, Wiz Khalifa, and probably Travis $cott.

Did you get a chance to talk to any of the artists you opened up for?

Nope, nope. There’s a common misconception that you get to meet the artists that you open up for and in reality it’s hella hard. Like some of the venues, they don’t grant anybody access. I got to meet Bun B at a Red Bull Sound Select concert. Bun told me on the mic that he wasn’t gonna take my tape. I gave it to his security guard, so there’s that.

Who has your eye when it comes to the local scene this year?

I mean of course you have your heavy hitters; Trev Rich, AP, Ray Reed got a new joint that’s dope. I like Ray a lot. Doobie too, but I I’m really liking Ray Reed. 

Can we expect a collaboration between the two of you in the future?

Of course, or he gonna have to square up. Laughs 

Trayce Chapman will be releasing a project later this year. Be on the lookout for the in the upcoming months.