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#Twenty88 Is Not The Love Ballards We Wanted, But The Romantic Musical Adventure We Deserved

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Out of nowhere Detroit rapper Big Sean and California R & B artist Jhene Aiko created the musical duo Twenty88 and dropped their self-titled album exclusively via Tidal. Many critics have called Sean and Aiko incredibly mediocre, but the two semi-veterans in the music industry cumulated to create a decent project.

Twenty88 is not the love ballads millennials wanted, but it's the romantic musical adventure that we deserved. In an age where people are not afraid to share their love as long as it doesn't go on social media and the lifestyle of being promiscuous is celebrated, Twenty88 is the perfect medium for the current relationship culture we are in during the 22nd century.

What's the difference between real love and fake love?

What's the difference between real love and fake love?

We live in an age where sex is fetishized, and likes/comments/reactions are more important than intimacy. This current era is an age where broadcasting one's love for another on social media is more critical than a genuine connection, and in the age of Twitter; topics like deceit, mistrust, and straight-up lies are quick to arise instead of the truth. Sean and Aiko hit on all of these topics without directly naming them out.

Over eight songs the duo battles it out for their right to love each other in an age where the drama is more praised than success in relationships. In the lone video of the project "Out of Love," society is represented by a female robot that slowly makes her way and divided the happy couple into all aspects of their lives. Not only does the robot drive them around, but she films their most intimate moments which is a testament to the world we live in today.

Sean even speaks about how being a celebrity is not like being an average person on the song "Talk Show."

I'm tired of fronting for these people who ain't got our back

‘Cause to them it's all entertainment

And they not looking at us like we real people

Or like we up here just fuckin playing

And time's the only thing we can't afford

Then why would we waste it

How we supposed to face our problems

If we can't even face to face it

Sean maybe talking about how he and Aiko are celebrities and people are extremely anxious to tear them down at every step of the way, but that same sentiment can apply to everyday people as well. When couples are placed on a pedestal, it's only human nature for someone to be eager to rip them apart. It's a cycle of life.

Twenty88 is not a project for everybody. Especially those individuals who live in a glass house and truly thrive off the misery of others. But for those who believe in true love throughout the chaos of life, this is the perfect album for you.