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Usher Raymond Is Officially Lost In The Sauce

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Since 1994, Usher Raymond has been a staple in the music industry. The word ‘transcended’ has been tossed around a lot lately, but the Confessions artists had transcended time with his music. Usher has lasted through the tape, CD, MP3, and now the streaming era.

Usher baby has always remained relevant for the right reason, his music. Sure, he cheated on Chili from TLC, had a crazy wife with some disturbing moments involving his kids. But through it all, Usher has always delivered great music, until now.

Usher has not had a chart-topping hit in nearly two years. The last single he had that made it on charts was “She came to you,” featuring Nicki Minaj in August of 2014. That’s been nearly two years since Usher has charted and his latest song proves that he has lost his core as a musician

Two weeks ago, Usher released the song “No Limit,” featuring the highly popular and charismatic rapper Young Thug. Usher has always had chemistry with the best rappers in the game, and this song was no different. Thugger and Usher paired together flawlessly. The problem was the content Usher used for his song.

No Limit Records was a favorite Southern Rap group in the United States during the mid-1990’s. The group was founded by music/business mogul Master P and including a roster that included Snoop Dogg at one point, C-Murder, Ghetto Commission, Mystikal, and Silkk the Shocker among numerous acts. They were known for their brass approach to all aspects of life and delegating their lifestyle on the world.

Now Usher, being the smooth crooner that he is, dedicated to creating a metaphor of a sexual experience for him, to the popular group.

YES, Usher compared his penis to the lifestyle, music, and style of No Limit Record. A few of the lines in the song sung by Usher goes

Make you say uh, no limit

Got that Master P, no limit baby

Give you that black card, no limit

Just know when you roll with a nigga like me

There’s no limit baby

Make you say uh, no limit,

I C murmur murder that, no limit baby

Just from those few lines it is clear as day to see that Usher has lost his way. In an age where sex is more popularized than ever, Usher has been lost in the wind. With R & B acts like Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Omarion charting the tops with their explicit approach to sex, Usher feels left out.

In a way, Usher is the Godfather of a lot of R & B acts today, they took cues from Usher and now he’s trying to play catch up. Meanwhile, there’s artist like Anderson Paak, Jidenna, and even Bryson Tiller, who are enjoying great success by sticking with more of the soulful feels that music delivers.

For the time being, Usher is being left in the dark, he’ll eventually find his way, he always does. But for now, there is a limit to this nonsense that he has done.